Can Your Facebook Page Do This? A Secret Tool That’s Making Our Lives Easier

When you run a web design business out Melbourne that’s as large as ours, you inevitably end up with lots and lots of customers who need your help. Most of the time, our customers don’t really need much from us. It’s usually some small niggling thing that they can’t quite figure out, and in some cases it’s an error we made. For a long time, we had to search through all of our emails and contact forms to find all of these customers. Now that we’ve got Zendesk, our lives are a lot easier.

Zendesk is a centralised help desk that integrates with a number of online platforms. You may have noticed the support section on this website. If you have a question or concern about a product we’ve built or a service we’ve done for you, it’s very easy to create a Zendesk support ticket around your concern. We’ll notice it right away, and we’ll get to the bottom of it before you get up to grab another cup of coffee.

But I’ve just gotta take a second to gush about the newest feature Zendesk offers. If you have a Facebook fan page for your company, Zendesk will search through all of the comments to find the ones that might be from customers needing support. It then takes those comments and automatically builds support tickets around them so you don’t have to. Now we no longer need to look through Hypnotic Zoo’s Facebook page to find customers who might need our help. We just go to Zendesk, and it’s saving us a lot of time.

If you’re a medium sized web design firm like ours, it pays to use this service. We’re based out of Melbourne, but we have clients all over the world who need our help. Zendesk makes it easy for us to keep them happy and coming back for more.

Full details from the Press release – Zendesk Delivers The Most Efficient Way To Engage With Customers On Facebook

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